«Slavery is not a horror safely confined to the past; it continues to exist throughout the world, where slaves work and sweat and build and suffer.» Kevin Bales

Personal freedom  is not violable.

Constitution of the Italian Republic (Art. 13), 1947


What can you do?


f you know someone who is in danger or that you consider may be a victim of human trafficking or heavy exploitation, you can call free helpline  800 290 290  to advise about the situation and receive information.


Human trafficking


rafficking in human beings is a heavy violation of human rights. It is based on the commoditization of the person and the suppression of their dignity. Human trafficking involves people of different nationalities, subjected to various types of exploitation (sexual, of labour, begging, illegal economies), at times noticeable and easily identifiable, at other times hidden and disguised in order not to be understood and hindered.

The Italian system


mong European countries, Italy is one of the most involved in the phenomenon of human trafficking. For this reason, it has adopted a cutting-edge system which aims at opposing criminal organizations and guaranteeing protection to the victims at the same time. It follows an approach that places the person at the core safeguarding the victims’ human rights.


  • The Republic recognizes and guarantees the inviolable human rights.
    Constitution of the Italian RepublicArt. 2
  • Trafficking in human beings constitutes a violation of human rights and an offense to the dignity and the integrity of the human being.
    Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human BeingsPreamble
  • No one shall be held in slavery or servitude. No one shall be required to perform forced or compulsory labour. Trafficking in human beings is prohibited.
    Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European UnionArt. 4